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We have forged a variety of key partnerships in the creation of this project, assisting us in elevating the impact, quality, reach and relevance of the Sea Walls mandate, as we strive this summer to open people’s eyes and minds to the issues facing the Great Lakes. 

The overwhelmingly positive response and care in this matter we've received underlines important basic relationships between social, economic, and ecological systems, actively emphasizing the economy as not some abstract force, working independent of communities or the environment, but is instead woven into a dynamic and complex interplay between those systems that it is dependent on, and responsible for their well-being.

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If you are interested in helping us to continue our efforts in exploring our personal and collective capacity for change, by inspiring and activating people to protect what they love and more importantly, protecting that which cannot protect itself, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Love Letter team to find out what is needed and wanted. Our team has a long history for creating authentic brand touchpoints...from art billboard to intimate events through social media amplification, we design partner packages that speak to your communities of interest. 

For any other ways you’d like to offer help, through contribution small and large, we want to hear from you!   We look forward to working with you in the creation of this unique international, first of its kind, festival.